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from Jordan's 1984 "turned out" to now, in the sports fashion kingdom, Nike has proudly led more than 20 years. In fact, the great success of Nike can, in the final analysis, be condensed to two words - innovation. And think about it, this innovation is divided into two aspects.
is a natural new technology continues to develop, carbon fiber board, Phylon midsole and Monkey paw technology, both embody the extraordinary wisdom, not to mention the famous Air, Max to Zoom and Shox series air reach the peak of perfection, they again and again to write Nike the myth of high-tech.

but Nike has never been comfortable, and it is constantly facing a strong challenge from inherent and new competitors. The technical gap is shortening, and the choice of the shoe fans is no longer the only one with Nike.

, however, it is undeniable that in this year when shoe market looks prosperous, but now it is weak now, Nike is still keeping its absolute dominant market share, attracting the most eyeballs and constantly injecting fresh air into the shoe market. Why? Perhaps it is because, in addition to technological innovation, Nike has been working hard in the field of sports fashion. From Jordan, we designed exclusive shoes, limited edition, do not note the version and CROSSOVER for big stars, and invites local designers to produce localized diversified products in different countries. As a gimmick after another, the controversy and topic have caused the sensational effect of a technological breakthrough, and the popularity of Nike has also risen naturally.

Laser Project is becoming more and more intense,

Laser, transliteration, meaning "laser" laser. Nike is using a laser to design a "burning" technology in the leather shoes. Because of the laser beam energy concentration, the Laser pattern has the unprecedented fine, accurate and complex characteristics, the visual impact is extremely strong!

at first, Laser is used in Dunk, AF1 old school "enthusiastically" style. Later I really used in basketball shoes, which was used in the classic Air Jordan 2. However, it is in order to "trapeze" birthday, Laser AJ2 produced only 9 pairs, and only in the form of a single auction for charity, its precious as can be imagined!

the first time people really come into contact with Laser basketball shoes is the hot Zoom Air Huarache 2K4 Laser in 2004. Not to say, this is Kobe after signing the Nike first show "KOBE" on the shoes, and then the shoes in the domestic has sold 6000 yuan price, still generally remained at around 2500 yuan price. And Laser 2K4 is a limited version, and it's not popular, so it's just preheated.


2001, Air Hyperflight with its avant-garde style, dazzling color and a freestyle advertising to impress people. More than ten years later, Air Hyperflight ushered in the repetition. At the same time, Nike Sportwear redesigned a hybrid shoe Zoom Hyperflight Max for its first year's design. The sole used LeBron air X air conditioner. At present, this shoe has been sold for $180.

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Olympic color matching Air Jordan VI is on sale today. The debut of this color is in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, which was played by ray Allen. Finally, the American dream team also won the Olympic gold medal. This is the first time for the color matching, and also as a member of the Nike set to commemorate the dream team's 5 Olympic Tour in 20 years.

Olympic match color Air Jordan VI global in July 7th, the price of $160.

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